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So...Who is Heavy Suga'???

Back in Hot Springs, Arkansas lives a groovy lady that told me the day I met her..."you know back in the seventies when I rode motorcycles they used to call me 'Heavy Suga'"!!!(snap, snap, snap) ...And then she danced with her brother, my dear freind/landlord Ernie 'Rev. Thimble Fingers' Cleveland, as I sang and played some Koko Taylor at a benefit. BIG FUN! Oh, I have so many wonderful memories with those two! Heavy Suga' is one of the coolest women I have ever known. She's my hero! ...and Ernie my spiritual advisor.


So, one day I got a new bass.  Ernie and our friend/neighbor, Jennifer Bloome, were checking it out with me over some glasses of wine, ooo...she (my bass, some basses are males & some are females, you have to wait til they reveal their spirit to you) was soundin' groovy. I stood up with her and we were jammin', now Ernie & Jennifer dancin', wine spillin'! Good times! Great oldies! But then you see, the new bass had some "sweet tone" but got "real heavy". I begin to complain about some back/shoulder pain in between goin' on about the "sweet tone" and Jennifer suddenly stops dancin', yells with hands in air..."you should name your bass 'Heavy Suga'"!!! She too knew of this famous woman. I called  up Heavy Suga' the very next day and asked permission. She said yes I could name my bass after her as long as she gets to meet her soon!

Well, later on I actually got a band, got a gig at The Big Chill and needed a band name quickly...hum...(scratch head)..."Oh I know, Heavy Suga' & The SweeTones", I said. (Note: SweeTones can be read as sweet tones or sweet ones, both refer to all it's members) So, it is really all about "da bass"! And my guys got sweet tones! ...and Heavy Suga' danced all night long! Good vibes! Love yal!

Now...I had to give up that heavy sweet soundin' thang after many years and somehow over time I have sort of adopted the "Heavy Suga'" spirit!

By Heather Crosse

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